Die Hard Interview with Dennis Hayden  aka. Eddie

USAC anti-corruption fighters – we’re not a “committee” connected to any institution but a wholly-independent self-formed and ultimately numberless committee of CEO/Actors, insisting on taking charge of our destiny and getting the money owed to us – I’m writing a memo about how THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and the formerly august (tinselly) VARIETY and the LA TIMES have blatantly succumbed to union-studio pressure and refused to faithfully report the truth about the lawsuit we’ve filed in a Federal Court naming the union studio-owned lawyers who’ve completely and absolutely taken control of the members from the elected officials and absconded with the actors, writers and directors they were meant to represent.


When the leaders of a company town are named as crooks, this is important to the company town, and the company town’s reporters ought to write about it.  Once upon a time it would be their duty to report the such news. Sharon Waxman is emblematic of the trending smart silent set of self-censoring “journalists,” a word sullied and newly defined by this invasive specimen of the un-reporting reporter, she formerly of the NY TIMES.



In 2013 Hollywood’s newly-famous “Black List” is actually a list of “good” scripts, unlike the WGA-HOLLYWOOD REPORTER-MAJOR STUDIO “Blacklist” of our fathers that sent great writers into hellish retreat from the business they helped shape and create.


Our Federal case is a story being told as it unfolds, we won’t wait for a generation to pass before the aims of UNITED SCREEN ACTORS COMMITTEE VS SAG are known to the thousands of artists who have lost income and civil rights because of collaborative unions and studios.


We need free and transparent economic representatives for artists, because mostly ill-paid artists are the canaries in society, with special songs that lawyers can’t silence or suppress, or barely hear themselves, that need to be heard by the people, even if we must discover lawyers as outraged as ourselves who do heed the calls and songs like Helena Wise and fighters like Eric Hughes and Ed Asner and Tom Bower and Dennis Hayden to help us remove betrayers like David White and Duncan Crabtree-Irland and Robert Hadl.  I mention these union lawyers names because the newspapers will not, even though these names are written 49 times in our lawsuit, one of the most significant labor lawsuits in US history.


It is very dangerous to have artists in the grip of bad union leaders.  Artists are unpredictable, universal, narcissistic, selfless, relentless, fearless, highly communicative, potent observers, and often very rich.